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Karolina Korth: “80% of the costs of the diabetes treatment can be avoided”

Almost half a billion people worldwide suffer from diabetes. It is one of the diseases with the highest spread rate in the last decades.

Business Development for digital health at Roche Diabetes Care, Karolina Korth is coming to ICEEhealth to give us the latest updates about how to live and fight with diabetes.

Below, a little preview in an interview by Lorena Macnaughtan (ICEEhealth Event Director):

What is digital health for you?

          – Digital health is connected and technology-enabled health care, which is better, more affordable and more accessible.

          – It empowers with connected data from all sources to support better clinical decisions and healthier life choices.

Why would a MedTech Company be interested in digital solutions for health?

          – Roche Diabetes Care and its digital health company Emminens are dedicated to deliver the best outcomes.

          – We know that diabetes is a data driven condition and that it requires patient empowerment and engagement. These challenges can be well answered with digital health.

Do you use health apps or wearables? If so, any thoughts you would like to share?

          – I love apps and measuring myself. I track my sleep, my mood and my activity level.

          – I meditate with Headspace and do yoga with Yogamour.

          – And if I need an extra motivation, I use Woop – a great app from Gabriele Oettingen, author of the book “Rethinking positive thinking”.

What excites you about ICEEhealth?

          – ICEEhealth will be cool. A great platform for the crazy ones who believe that they can change healthcare.

Could you give us a hint about your presentation without giving too much away?

          – I’ll be talking about behavioral change. It is a huge topic in diabetes treatment.

          – Do you know that 80% of the costs of the diabetes treatment can be avoided? Just with a little lifestyle changes.

          – But it’s so difficult to change our habits, isn’t it?

ICEEfest 2016 Agenda is published on the official website where you can find details about ICEEhealth tickets.

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