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ICEEfest doubled the number of participants in the past two years. What are the figures of 2016 edition?

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One of the most important internet & technology related festivals in Central and Eastern Europe, ICEEfest ended last week in Bucharest.

Two main stages, 3 specialised stages and a special outdoor area, with a new concept of entertainment (Summer Playground received those coming to the 5th edition of the festival held at Grand Cinema & More from Baneasa Mall.

Best moments of ICEEfest 2016 can be seen on the Facebook page, where you can also tag yourself.

The people @ ICEEfest


  • 3350 participants, up to 21% from last year (2768) and 95% from 2014 (1420)
  • 137 speakers, international trainers and artists (103 last year)
  • 17 countries were represented at the festival. 70% of the participants came from Romania. Other percentages: Greece 6%, Moldova 3% United Kingdom 3% Poland 3% Ukraine 2%, Czech Republic 2%, Bulgaria 2%, Hungary 2%, Sebia 1.5% US 1% Russia 1%, UAE 1% Iran and other countries, Sweden, Denmark, Germany – with percentages less than 1%
  • 6 romanian comediants (Claudiu “Teo” Teohari, Sergiu Floroaia, Raul Gheba, Silviu Gherman, Alex Coteț and Toma Alexandru) came with The Art of Trolling/ parodies from the presentations of the festival
  • 1 Stand Up Comedy show with Jeff Leach/ host & entertainer
  • 3 bands gave a Live concert: ROA, Golan and Silviu Pasca Band.

ICEEfest community


ICEEfest App was the best tool that participants had to be aware of everything that happend at the festival.

And if in 2015 this community gathered 1305 users, this year we had 3053 participants who chose to inform and communicate using the application.

An essential tool for networking between organizers, participants and speakers, the application is active throughout the year and the community members receive, besides information about the festival, tickets at a reduced price or even free.

ICEEfest coverage


According to the monitoring made by MediaTrust, this edition of the festival received the following mentions:

  • 1256 in social media
  • 773 in online press
  • 14 in newspapers. magazines
  • 11 in TV
  • 5 in radio

In total, in the May 1st – June 15th period, there were 2057 mentions about ICEEfest on romanian media/ social media (up from 1800 last year). Plus tens of appearances internationally.

ICEEfest content


In the two days of the festival we gathered over 60 hours of content.

Most presentations (except those with no speakers agreement) will be available on ICEE Academy platform for those who already have participated in one of the past editions, but also for those who want to participate to the next year’s edition.

  • All presentations in ICEE Academy are and will be provided free to those who had a ticket to ICEEfest, regardless of edition. Those who weren’t at the festival but want to see the presentations can do it chargeable.

ICEEfest is organised in partnership with the public that invests every year by buying tickets and is presented, since the first edition (2012) by Orange, the main sponsor.

Important partners in 2016 were Xaxis, Jacobs and Volkswagen.

The festival is supported by BCR, Prometheus, Mather Economics, Seller Engine, Admiral Markets, TP Link, Uber, Mira, Dent Estet, iFuse, Ciuc, Pepsi. The complete list is on our website.




iCEE.news is the publishing platform of iCEE family, formed by iCEE.fest (the main festival, taking place each June in Bucharest, Romania), iCEE.health (our satelite event covering eHealth), iCEE.academy (our e-learning platform), and iCEE.news.

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