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ICEEfest 2016: here we go again!

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5th year in a row, the Romanian capital city will become the hottest spot on the map of the internet revolving industry. The Interactive Central and Eastern Europe Festival returns to Bucharest, for the 9th and 10t of June.

Launched in 2012, ICEEfest moves to a new edition with a magnetic agenda, bustling with major companies and notorious names. We are expecting over 3,500 attendees from at least 20 countries.

Currently we’re confirming new amazing speakers, the line-up will comprise, as usual, over 100 household names. We’re constantly updating the list. Those 100% confirmed can be viewed here.

International companies attending ICEEfest 2016 range from several categories – global industry giants, media and advertising players, high ranked companies that dominate niche segments and mostly cool brands and agencies that break the rules in creativity and innovation.

Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, EuroNews, Le Monde, Corriere della Sera, BBC, Maker Studios, The 614 Group, uSwitch, House of Kaizen, Verve, Palladium, Khora Apps, Wildbytes, RGA, Lovin Group and many others have already confirmed their presence.


This year’s ICEEfest unfolds into 3 new streams: eHealth, VR & AR and Startups.

eHealth – though our brand extension ICEEhealth, we aim to assess and mirror the major impact that technology has over the most important aspect of our lives, our health.

VR & AR – because a festival dedicated to the Internet, cannot, in 2016, skip an in depth overview of one of the trendiest elements in the industry.

Startups – explores into more detail the concept we launched 2 years ago with “200 Seconds of Fame” and marks its next level, as startup entrepreneurs will have a dedicated exhibition area, access to the festival and to potential investors interested by their ideas.

Day Time Agenda

This year’s agenda, still a “work in progress”, will be built around several content streams (others than those 3 mentioned above):

Innovation – because everything starts with it. Innovation is at the heart and spirit of the entire festival.

MarCom – because the engine of this industry runs on creativity, on marketing strategies and on the efficient communication of our ideas and products, it also runs on design, branding and the overarching universe in between.

Content – because almost everything we do today, online, is about consuming and producing content. From major brands that hit the jackpot to those still searching their stardom in digital, to the independent content and new models producers and each of us present on Youtube, Facebook or Instangram.

eCommerce – because of its high impact on the way product reaches the consumers – from platforms to advanced conversion techniques, we aim to bring forward the most interesting speakers in the segment, to align the market’s evolution and provide valuable info to local market players.

AdTech – performance marketing assisting technologies (adservers, data management tools, programmatic advertising) cannot miss the festival’s agenda.

You’ll find all these in our “Day Time Agenda”… but that’s not all of it, of course.

After Dark Agenda

The evenings will be equally exciting – the “After Dark Agenda” is made of stand-up comedy shows, live music, short films and a new edition of the IAB MIXX Awards gala, which will praise once more the excellence in marketing and communication.

As we approach the event, we’ll come up with more details. Until then… don’t forget to get your ticket. Please check here for today’s price and BOOK NOW.

ICEEfest is organized, as in every year, by ThinkDigital Romania, with support of TDG, IAB Europe and internationally acknowledged collaborators.

Orange is the traditional partner of ICEEfest, next to many other partners soon to be announced.




iCEE.news is the publishing platform of iCEE family, formed by iCEE.fest (the main festival, taking place each June in Bucharest, Romania), iCEE.health (our satelite event covering eHealth), iCEE.academy (our e-learning platform), and iCEE.news.

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