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How to become the best in the world: TripAdvisor explained at ICEEfest why it’s the # 1 travel option worldwide


The largest provider of travel information in the world, TripAdvisor was founded in February 2000 by Stephen Kaufer, the current CEO, along with other partners.

The platform offers a wide range of tourism-related services plus a vital content for anyone who wants to find out details about certain destinations and also lots of leisure and entertainment solutions.

Martin Verdon-Roe/ VP Global Display Sales (complete presentation below) and Thomas Bangert/ Director Display EU, talked at ICEEfest 2016 about the TripAdvisor’s role in the decisions making process about a journey, about the market strategies of the company and the impact of information’s democratization in a segment heavily influenced by personal experience of each user.

What is TripAdvisor?

All started from planning a trip for which the founder and his family didn’t find transparent, objective and useful informations.

From the beginning, the idea was relied on user-generated content, although it was an unclear approach and generate skepticism from operators.

Today, the platform is the largest travel community globally, with 340 million unique visitors per month.


  • If at the end of 2000 there were written over 1 million reviews and opinions, 8 years later there are registered 35 million reviews
  • By 2016, 103+ million members generated 350 million reviews of hotels, restaurants and other attractions, 60 million photographs and about 230 new comments every minute
  • Currently, there are 6.5 million listed companies and properties in over 136,000 destinations worldwide.

TripAdvisor in Europe and worldwide

TripAdvisor holds a quarter of the travel market in Europe. Which means that one in four europeans who informs on specialized sites, before making a trip, reaches on TripAdvisor.


  • TripAdvisor is present in 48 countries and available in 28 languages
  • Globally, there are more than 6,000 users who read reviews every second
  • TripAdvisor app was downloaded over 315 million times

Advertising on TripAdvisor

The 300+ million users/ month are an extremely important target for major tourism brands.

That’s the reason why TripAdvisor offers unique promotion opportunities for both desktop and mobile, considering that 50% of visitors come from tablet or phone.

Benefiting from the latest innovations in data collection, TripAdvisor comes with a specific targeting for both locals and foreign tourists, interacting with it’s the public in any destinations – at home or on a trip, online or offline (one of the options gives the opportunity to download the necessary information before the trip so you can view it without internet access, which reduces roaming costs, mobile internet, etc.)


  • And because 2 of 3 users opt for video content when planning a trip, this kind of promotion formats are highly diverse on TripAdvisor
  • Video content can be targeted by location or interest (hotels, restaurants etc)

During ICEEfest 2016, TripAdvisor and Thinkdigital have perfected the details of a new partnership.

TripAdvisor will be represented by Thinkdigital in Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Hungary in terms of advanced advertising solutions which the platform can offer its customers in the region.

This is Martin Verdon-Roe’s presentation at ICEEfest 2016:

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UpDate: The advertising on TripAdvisor in Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Hungary can be booked through ThinkDigital, starting June 2016. Check the press release here.




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